Difference Between a Website Design Agency & a Website Design Company?


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Do you have a business website that needs some serious attention from a professional team? Perhaps you want a completely new website built, with a better level of focus for what you are trying to achieve. Either way, if you have put into google one of the common search terms like “website design company” or something similar you may have noticed two different names of businesses come up – website design company and digital agency.

Many people tend to feel these are exactly the same but with slightly different names. It’s easy enough to make that mistake, because sometimes in the English language different terms and words are used for the same thing.

Why It’s Important to Realise There’s a Difference

Don’t make that mistake, because although they ultimately provide a very similar service, there are differences between the two. These differences include how in-depth a service they offer and what their actual skillsets are.

If you are not familiar with the differences, you’ve come to the right place as that’s what we are going to try and break down in the following post.

What Web Design Companies Do

A web design company will work from your brief and will fulfil it. This brief will normally involve the design, development, and launch of a website.

They will utilise their web development skills and creativity but may not go as deep into what your brand is and the audience. Unless they offer marketing services, it will normally be the case that a website design company, once they have completed work on your site and it has launched successfully, they will hand it back over to you.

Unless otherwise offered or requested, you or your marketing agency will be expected to carry out the maintenance and any improvements that are needed in the future.

Digital Agency

A digital agency does things slightly differently and really tries to develop the brief. They will try to do more to understand your brand and do more to develop the right site that engages and converts your target audience, getting you the best ROI.

Their skillset is slightly different and stretches beyond just web design and web development. They are skilled in a complete process such as branding, printing, packaging, CRM implementation, and lots more.

What is Right for You?

Although it may feel as if a digital agency will be the best for your business, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you really just want a website put together that is of a high standard and provides a place for people to find out about your services online, a web design company will be a good option, in most cases.

However, there is a lot more crossover these days, and a great website design company like Bemunchie Online is just as worthy as a great digital agency. Especially as many now offer extensive services related to online marketing and other important areas that you would expect only a digital agency to provide. So, really, check both out, and rather than paying close attention to the different names and terms, look at what individual companies offer as part of their quotes, another thing to note is a website agency may charge a lot more than a website design company. Get a quote from us today! We’ll be happy to help to provide a quote at an affordable price.

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