Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2022

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Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2022

Website design trends are a way of innovating and improving that website developers follow or create to keep their sites updated. Website Designers have been building sites as interactive projects, as art, and comfort places where people scroll for play and delight.

All website design trends are moving towards the future with new contemporary techniques like advanced interactions, animations, and visual effects. Some web designers are using no-code tools to allow them to do it faster and easier than ever before.

As creators, learners and users we must keep in touch with every upcoming trend and to constantly evolve and be part of the changes each new year brings. Join us as we get to know the top 5 web design trends set to dominate in 2022, don’t forget these website trends can be used on custom brochure style websites as well as online eCommerce websites too.

  • Off the Grid

Out of all the website design trends the first trend we’re reviewing has a lot to do with stepping out of the comfort zone and breaking “rules”. A grid is one of the most important tools for a designer to have, it gives shape and structure to the final results. Moving off-center to emphasize a segment can make your website stand out and be memorable.

Going off the grid is not easy, yet it hasn’t been widely explored. It’s becoming increasingly easier and more effective to translate all the layouts you create and build it using a web builder and it’ll already be coded which simplifies the entire process.

  • Big Buttons

With this tool you can enhance your website’s usability by including big buttons. Small buttons aren’t thumb-friendly, especially for users on small screens. The best way to improve this is to create big buttons on all your website’s versions, as well as making them colorful and playful. It will boost navigation, capture more attention and make the site appear more accessible.

  • Three-Dimensional Design Elements

It’s time to realize that soon we’ll start using 3D for almost everything online. From real-life web models to video or photo illustrations with depth, three-dimensional elements can help provide extra understanding for a design, such as the architectural rendering above, or enhance visual interest.

This is one of the most innovative and interesting trends of 2022 because elements with a 3D flair might include shadows, animations, or layer effects to create depth and dimension. In addition, three-dimensional design also helps with visual storytelling, think about how to capture your story or product in a way that highlights depths of field and shadows and with videos is one of the most efficient ways to deliver this style effectively.

  • Split-screen Websites

The dual layout brings contrast, visual interest, and natural separation of content and it’s also a great excuse to play with color. The split-screen anchors the viewer so you can incorporate lots of movement without them getting lost, and it’s an interesting approach building up a design with a split-screen layout, which has been more outstanding lately.

  • Line Art Backgrounds used to serve as useful guides

Web designers have been experimenting with various background website design trends for years and in 2022 line art will be used to create visual interest, and to provide visitors with helpful guidance. Some of these trends were predicted back in December 2021 and are now taking shape into 2022

Pointing a visitor where you want to direct their attention to doesn’t necessarily require using big arrows or pointing fingers. More abstract designs can be put in to suggest rather than point and they end up having the same effect. This is a very subtle way to guide the audience and capture the attention of the public since minimalism is one of the most popular and relatetable styles specially for young people.

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