Website Design and SEO Services – How They Work Together

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Website Design and SEO Services – How They Work Together

Your online journey begins with a website highlighting your business and following your brand identity. But this alone will not improve your online visibility, drive traffic, and potential sales growth. Your new, shiny good looking website also needs to incorporate Search Engine Optimising (SEO) elements to optimise your site for the search engines. This is where Website Design and SEO Services work together, by setting your website up to be better understood by the search engines, you will start appearing on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and get more visitors.

Website Design and SEO Services

Here we will explain the importance of Website Design and SEO Services and the SEO principles that are to be incorporated. If you need the help of experienced SEO web designers, we would be delighted to help.

  • SEO Web Design

A point to make first, which many non-industry people find amazing, is that there are no guides, handbooks, operating manuals or even help from the search engines.
There are established principles of what is regarded as good and bad SEO, but it is entirely trial and error. None of the search engines publishes how they rank websites, so it comes down to good research, knowledge and experience.

SEO web design incorporates this knowledge and experience into your website without impacting the user experience whilst making your site as friendly as possible to the search engines. SEO takes every opportunity to explain to the search engines what you do, what services or products you supply, and, very importantly, where you trade. Your trading location is critically important due to the massive increase in location-based mobile searching. Here are some common questions from businesses regarding the relationship between Website Design and SEO Services.

  • How Is SEO Related To Web Design?

Many of the SEO points below will overlap. A technically sound website will perform better and give a better user experience than a site with issues. The search engines are also aware of this, as they are the best thought of as robotic users; they will see your site the same as a user.
An excellent example of this would be a very slow site. It could be due to a technical issue. Still, a real user would most likely leave your site and head off to a place that loads quickly. The search engines will also negatively view a slow site and would rank it poorly.

  • Is One Element More Important Than The Other?

No, they are symbiotic; they need each other to deliver ranking results. A stunning website design that gives a great user experience is useless if you cannot be found amongst the billions of different websites. Conversely, a website with excellent performing SEO but the poor design will generate traffic. Still, the users will most likely “bounce” off to a better performing site. Therefore, your site must deliver a great user experience and incorporate established SEO principles, you can also view the Google Starter SEO Guide online too.

Another critical point that non-industry website site owners are unaware of is that of changes to your site. These can affect existing rankings if the changes made do not have SEO in mind. We recommend that the website developers make all changes to avoid damaging a well-earned ranking by making the wrong changes.

SEO principles could also dictate some website design choices. The pre-requisite for a web design with user-friendly navigation, mobile responsiveness, and fast loading times could affect the design itself.

  • How Should Website Design And SEO Services Be Implemented?

Here we hit on a common mistake businesses make, by not employing one team of professionals to build and optimise the website. It is entirely possible to use two separate people, a website design and SEO services specialist. Still, they would need to be heavily involved in the beginning. As explained earlier, site SEO can affect the design, and so there can be conflicts between designers and SEO experts.

The best way to avoid these conflicts is to work with a full-service digital marketing agency. In this environment, both the developer and the SEO team are comfortable working together. Your Website Design and SEO Services team will have a successful architecture framework in place in which to build your website.

  • SEO Elements Incorporated Into Your Website Design and SEO Services

When working with your chosen team, these are the considerations going into designing and building your new website:

  • Coding

Your web designers will have a preferred system they work with, whether WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or many others. WordPress is considered a top performer for optimising Website Design and SEO Services together and can provide highly engaging sites with enormous scalability at a competitive price. It offers ease of use for the site owner to add new content if they so wish.

  • Mobile Friendliness

As we touched on earlier, mobile-friendly sites are critical. More search requests are made from mobile devices than desktops, laptops or tablets. Google is very aware of the importance of mobile searching and location-based searching.
Your site will be downranked If your site is not user-friendly on mobile devices, fast loading, and fully functioning. Still, users will “bounce” to another site with all the functionality.

  • Readability

As always, in the world of SEO, content is king. Google ranks sites with informative, engaging and original content above all others. Your content must be easy to read and written with your target audience in mind. Website functionality cannot be stressed too highly. The format, font type, font colour, and font size must ensure that your text can be read easily on desktops and mobile devices. The search engines immediately downgrade sites with plagiarised (copied) content, so uniqueness is key to good rankings. Your web design uk company will have specialised content writers who can put your message in the correct tone for your target audience.

  • Loading Speed

An essential SEO element is how fast a web page loads on desktop and mobile devices.
It is known that Google uses loading speed as one of its’ many metrics to determine rankings. Google rightly assumes a fast loading site gives a better user experience. A slow site also will be indexed less by Google “spiders” as it takes extra resources because of the slow speed.

Surveys have shown that a webpage that does not load within three seconds is more likely for users to leave. There are techniques to speed up sites, such as optimising images and using pre-loaders. Your design team can discuss these with you, especially if you want to revamp an existing website.

  • Image Optimisation

Having just mentioned images, it is best to look at these as a subject matter on their own.
Images provide engaging visual content. A page of straight text, although informative, is not comfortable for most users to read.

Your Website Design and SEO Services team will ensure your images have descriptive names understood by the search engine. Large photos look great but load slowly. Optimising images for web use or using thumbnails and galleries can alleviate slow loading. Alt tags are the name given to the text that appears when you hover over an image. These also provide the search engines with descriptive information regarding the photo and can be read aloud for visually impaired users if they cannot see the image.

  • Smooth Navigation

Your website navigation needs to be functional and easy to use and understand. Your designer will know how the best menu system works with SEO in mind. Easy navigation ensures the user can find information quickly, which will increase the length of time users will spend on your site.
The site architecture is essential for search engines that rank easy to reach pages higher than those requiring multiple clicks to reach.

  • Landing pages

More than 90% of search traffic goes to page one of the search results. Landing pages allow you to target your audience by directing them to an alternative page. Landing pages can be an effective tactic when a Website Design and SEO Services are done correctly and has multiple pages. You can speak about and target certain topics on specific pages, improving that page’s ability to rank for the desired search terms in search engines.

  • The transition from an old site to a new site.

Suppose you already have a website that has grown in authority and visibility over time. In that case, it can be even more detrimental to launch your new website without first consulting an experienced SEO. Any pages that are removed or not correctly redirected can have substantial knock-on effects on your search rankings and website traffic.

Redirecting old pages to new replacement pages will ensure Google Analytics tracking is working and conversion goals are recorded. Search engine index tags have to be correct, and everything else required has been implemented. Without these, you could lose valuable search rankings, traffic, and authority and not be able to measure the success of your launch accurately.

  • Professional SEO Web Design From Bemunchie Online

A new website should never be designed and built in an environment that avoids SEO principles. SEO elements need to be incorporated into your website from the beginning to ensure that your new web design looks good and is well optimized. Working with a digital marketing agency is the best way to ensure that your website is designed and focused on SEO principles.

Bemunchie Online provides both professional Website Design and SEO Services both Local SEO Services and National SEO Services tailored to your business goals. Our UK based WordPress website designers understand the SEO elements that need to be built into every unique web design.

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