5 Ways Your Website Impacts Your Business Success

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This explains the exact reason you could ensure you invest in a good web!
A shocking 87% of consumers said that whenever they are looking to invest in a new product or service, the first thing they look at is their official website. This shows the importance of your website as it influences the first impression of your company! This post will discuss 5 ways your website can directly impact your business’ success.

1. Navigation

Your consumers need to be able to find your product or service in the least possible time and if they can’t find what they are looking for, they are more than likely to drop off the page! The website design, therefore, needs to be very clear and all important aspects should be well signposted. A good web designer should consider the user’s journey and organise the information so that it meets the objectives of the users.

2. Business’ are judged on the basis of digital presence

Consumers admit that a website affects the products and services they want to buy! People form an opinion on the company based on your website and then decide whether they want to purchase from you. Therefore, your website is a great way to gain a competitive advantage over alternatives.

3. The quality of your website can make or break your business

Simply creating ‘any old’ website isn’t enough as your customers will have a high expectation of the functionality of your site. The way your website looks will instil a sense of credibility among your customers and if your website doesn’t perform to high standards, that will reflect on your business’ perceived performance. 89% of consumers believe that a poor outdated website negatively affects the trust in a company and affordable web design services!

4. Aesthetics

Web designers should ensure there is a visual connection between the brand and the website in order to maintain a consistent brand image and promote brand integrity. This requires a careful selection of the colour scheme of the website including fonts used, images and layout.

5. Optimisation

People will leave your website if it’s slow or difficult to load- This aspect is arguably more important than the visuals! Your web designer should ensure they consider mobile optimisation as this is the format many of your consumers will be viewing the page from. Additionally, Google has claimed that they would be favouring websites which are mobile optimised and which loads easily in their rankings – so it’s a huge factor to consider!
In conclusion, your company gets around 20-25 seconds to create a lasting impression on the minds of their customers through their website and we think you should make the most of these moments! Contact us for a free quote today.

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