5 Tips When Buying an Affordable Website Design Service

Affordable Website Design

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When any new start-up business or even an existing business is looking to get an affordable website design service it can become exciting! Purchasing a website design service is the first step to getting your business out there on the world wide web, whether it’s getting an affordable website design for putting information about your services or you’re looking to sell products or services on your website getting the right website service for yourself is crucial however finding an affordable web design company is just as hard!

The team here at Bemunchie we offer just that, affordable website design services, you can see the few different website design packages we offer, it’s simple and easy to work with us firstly we don’t charge any monthly fees, this is something to look out for as a new start-up company you don’t want to be paying monthly fees for a website that’s just been built.

When purchasing a website service, think about the payment terms? If your paying for your website full upfront what if you don’t get anything in return!? It happens we’re in 2019! You want to ideally find a website design company to allow paying a deposit and pay the remaining balance upon completion.

What if your website is built and you’ve just received the link to view your first website design revision and you’re not happy! Well, make sure there isn’t a limitation to design/revisions in your web design package as you may not be happy with the work carried out until you get what you have in mind for your business. We offer unlimited revisions with our web design services along with a 100% money-back guarantee, yes! All our deposits are refundable, we like to work on 100% client satisfaction and service.

Getting an affordable website isn’t just about the price you initially pay for your website is it? No, what about the support you get after? You’ll need support to help you, what if you want to update your contact details or you’ve moved to bigger premises or you need to add pages to your website… Well, you need some support if your new to all of this, well again Bemunchie Online offers this for free, you get 7 days of support for free!

Let’s fast forward to 12 months or 18 months for your business… Your business has grown, your website is running and growing alongside yourselves, you’ve already got your affordable website design company which you’re happy with however you wish to create more emails and change your website to an eCommerce website or add custom features to your website design? Can this be done or are you limited to getting changes on your website design? When we design a website for our customers here at Bemunchie, all our websites are fully custom-built and custom-designed, we don’t simply get a template and leave it there, we specialise in web design and development therefore we code your website and make sure it works across all devices and its fully responsive along with running fast and smooth! Interested in the way we run our services, take a look at our website design process

Checklist for your Affordable Website Design Services

  1. Are there any additional monthly costs? Here at Bemunchie Online, we don’t charge any monthly costs with our website design services
  2. Think about it if your paying upfront in full for your website? You need to be secure, you don’t want to pay upfront without seeing anything. We only ask for a small deposit and remaining balance on completion of your website project
  3. What if you’re not happy with the website you’ve got built? We offer a full money back guarantee so you can have a piece of mind
  4. Do I get any support after my website is built? We don’t charge for any technical support, infact our support is free throughout the year!
  5. Was my website a custom built website? Can it be grown? Some companies build websites using templates, all our websites are custom designed and developed for each of our customers allowing it to be grown in the future if needed as your business grows

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