5 Tips for eCommerce Web Design

Tips eCommerce Web Design

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It is not easy to set up an eCommerce business. Creating an eCommerce customer experience that attracts leads and converts them is even more challenging. Building an eCommerce site can take years, but many still fail because of ignoring the basics. To help you along your eCommerce journey, we have 5 Tips For eCommerce Web Design.

Here at Bemunchie Online, we know what makes a user convert into a customer. Our years of experience can help you design and build an eCommerce website that works.

Do you want to know how to Design an eCommerce Website to bring in new Customers?

Easy Navigation and Search Facilities

By definition, online shoppers love convenience. The reason they are shopping online is because of the accessibility and ease of use. They want a hassle-free experience at whatever time of day they want to shop.

Your design must provide a seamless experience. An eCommerce design company can achieve a positive user experience by using an integrated search facility and easy navigation.

Most eCommerce websites have many products for sale, and the more accessible users can find the product they want, the more likely they will get a sale.

Suppose they cannot find the products quickly. In that case, they will become frustrated and most likely go to a competitor’s site where they can find the products easily.

Your website should be easy and intuitive to navigate. Ensure the menu and contact details are easy to access and that the shopping basket is clear to understand.

Smaller sites can avoid using search bars if the menu system can handle categories and hierarchies that are easy to follow. Ecommerce design companies are used to producing websites that visitors can navigate easily.

Be Aware of Branding

There are millions of eCommerce sites out on the internet, and there will be 100s of competitors.

Your branding and message can help you stand out from the crowd. You need to pay special attention to your logo design, tagline, and the type of graphics you use for your eCommerce site.

It is best to employ a multi-skilled agency to help design your logo and develop a brand image that displays your business in its’ best light. Modern shoppers “buy into” brands and follow them on social media to keep updated on the latest offers and new products.

It is essential to ask yourself direct questions about your business, such as what makes it unique and why customers should buy from you.

Once you know who your customers will likely be, contact a professional eCommerce design company. They will be able to produce an eCommerce site tailored to customers’ likes and expectations.

Design for your Customers, not for you

Every eCommerce website is different, as is every customer. Whom you expect to be using your site and converting to customers has significant design implications. B2B customers generally prefer functionality and ease of navigation over flashy sites.

If you target a younger purchaser, then brighter colours and more use of video content will work better. Don’t be afraid of engaging with Instagram and Tik Tok, as these are powerful mediums.

If your target audience is mature, then clear fonts and muted colours would be best to keep them engaged.

Keep designs clean and clear. You want the visitor to focus on your products and not be distracted by pop-ups and unnecessary fussiness.

Keep in mind your customers’ expectations of your business and your brand.

Your site should be simple and engaging to reflect that, if you sell fun, lighthearted products. If you sell products with a more sober tone, the website would be best designed to stay in tune with the visitors.

A tone-deaf website will put visitors off.

Mobile is King

Nearly 80% of online shopping is now completed on mobile devices. Failure to optimise your eCommerce site for mobile purchasing is eCommerce suicide. A professional design company will already know to make sure your website is mobile friendly

We have been optimising sites for mobile devices for many years and have 100s of satisfied clients. If you fail to optimise your eCommerce site, visitors on mobile phones will see a desktop site “shrunk” to fit their screen.

An eCommerce site that is not optimised will be unusable, and you will have lost a hard-earned visitor.

Screen re-sizing is especially important when it comes to the shopping cart. A cart optimised for mobile use could increase conversion rates.

Imagine if your site has a 10% conversation rate, and by using industry-leading techniques, we could increase that to 15%. That would mean a 50% increase in sales.

We can ensure your shopping cart is easy to navigate, with minimal fuss, to complete the transaction.

Use High-Quality Photos and Videos

One downside of purchasing online is that you cannot touch or see the items before purchasing. For this reason, using high-quality images and videos is critical to your visitors trusting you.

You can use images and videos to show the items close up, with a measure to show exact dimensions or to highlight precise colours. Your website needs to provide whatever a brick-and-mortar store can provide, or else the customer could leave.

The technology to produce quality photos and videos exists on your mobile phone. Consider 360-degree views of the products you advertise or even comparison images. You can even look to purchase eCommerce photos for your website on third-party websites online such as Shutterstock or Adobe Stock Photos.

Bemunchie Online eCommerce Websites

eCommerce is a complex business area to trade in, especially with the increased competition. Proper guidance from a professional company can be much easier, and the results will be more productive.

As a professional eCommerce Website Design Company that has successfully developed 100s of eCommerce businesses to date, we are ideally placed to help you hit the ground running.

With a beautiful website design and utilising the tips above, we can take you to the next level of eCommerce. If you want to read about the benefits of having an eCommerce website package, you can read our blog that we wrote back in 2020.

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