4 Tips To Choose The Right SEO Company

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Are you looking for the right SEO Company? It’s easy to be overawed by the three-letter acronym of SEO. It is a word bandied around so much that it can be difficult to understand what it actually is, what an SEO company does and mostly important whether your website needs SEO right now. Search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be a daunting elephant in your business’ room. It can be the catalyst to gain more visitors to your website, generate more leads and create a healthier and friendlier website for your potential new customers.

Therefore, you’ll be tasked with choosing the right SEO company that can offer you expertise and insight into how to upgrade and improve your website, its attractiveness to visitors and its rankings on major search engines. Here are our top four tips in helping you making the right decision when choosing the right SEO company for you:

1. Don’t believe the promises!

If you are told that your website will be top of the Google rankings within a month or two, or that your website will be double its number of visitors just after three months, run away as far as you can! When it comes to SEO practices, there’s no set method for boosting rankings and no cheats that will help in order to bring your website new visitors, if this was the case then all SEO companies could use the same method across many different industries and just sit back. Having an SEO company that understands this will try to provide you with a guide and road map of progress and the hopeful improvements that may happen over the long and short term.

2. Check out reviews from customers

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to understand more about an SEO company before you secure their services but failing that you can look at verified reviews that cannot be rigged or faked. One of the best review outlets for this is TrustPilot or Google Reviews, if you can’t find any verified reviews online then we’d suggest you be very careful as choosing the wrong company for your SEO services can have a negative impact for your rankings.

3. Make sure your business goals suit SEO

The most important aspect for choosing an SEO company is understanding what the process is and whether this falls in line with your business’ objectives or targets for 2020. Here’s set of business goals as an example…. You want to increase traffic, improve conversions or optimise your site across multiple platforms. These are perfectly fine for an SEO company worthy of your money to perform. However, if you are expecting an SEO team to redesign your website from scratch, magic customers to a brand-new website right away or make people buy from your online store, you will need to review these objectives to fall in line with SEO principles.

4. Having an SEO company that doesn’t outsource!

There are many SEO companies that are based in the UK however they outsource their SEO abroad, it is important using a UK Based SEO Company with in-house SEO consultants so that you get to actually speak with your SEO project manager as they will be managing your website SEO along with the task of tailoring a SEO strategy to get your business ranking online.

Fortunately for you and your business, here at Bemunchie Online as a small team of experienced in-house SEO experts we’re able to help and advise you about the whole SEO process and what tailored SEO package would suit your business best in order to get your company website ranking online across all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others, just like many other businesses we’ve helped get onto these search engines.

To get started with us, simply click here to get a free website audit from us today.

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