What is a Web Development Company?

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As we browse the Internet looking for a company to provide a service or if we’re looking to purchase products we’ve all come across and discovered a beautiful website with flair and creativity, we take notice and are engaged. Some web designs are minimal and clean, and we take notice of their striking statements. The internet is a vast confluence of everybody vying for attention and your website is the vehicle with which we can achieve notoriety.

Surprisingly it’s not as simple as you might think to find a web design company in Coventry that can deliver a product that matches your explicit vision. Many will specialise in particular styles of websites, with their web designers tending to go down the same path with each project using similar design layouts as other websites they’ve created. A company such as Bemunchie Online has no precognitions when beginning a new project… we listen intently to every client and align ourselves to their vision — no ‘cookie-cutter’ websites with us!

Consumers tend to avoid websites that are slow and not instinctively user friendly. So it’s imperative to choose a web design company that has this in mind at all stages of the website design and development process. As a leading web design company in Coventry, Bemunchie Online has extensive experience in creating high performance, feature-packed web applications for all major platforms. We excel in delivering websites that exceed our client’s expectations and provide ongoing support services too.

What is a Web Development Company?

In a very broad sense Web development refers to the process of building websites. This can be a simple one-page text-based webpage or anything through to a complex web application or social network platform.

What are the key metrics of a good web developer?

    • Increase in site traffic
    • Invaluable specialist knowledge
    • Faster mobile development at a lower cost (through efficiency)
    • Less maintenance
    • Faster page loading
    • Lower bounce rates
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Clear analytics statistics
    • Improved SEO
    • Premium branding
    • A higher-quality browsing experience

If you are looking for a web design company in Coventry, to initiate your next project, contact Bemunchie Online today!

Bemunchie Online also provides e-commerce website design. E-commerce describes any website where a transaction takes place. This may be the purchase of goods, or services. E-commerce has completely evolved the way we shop for our goods especially with COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing being in place. Traditional shopping at a physical store is slowly but surely moving to an online shopping experience. You normally would get more of a choice for less of your money all with payments being taken online through secured gateways. E-commerce sites are more complex to develop than a brochure style website for example with the potential for greater obstacles to overcome, for this reason, ensuring that you need to approach a professional e-commerce web design company is vital.

Having the latest and most advanced e-commerce technologies together with skilled web designers and trained professional developers at your back is invaluable. Bemunchie Online offers all of these elements and more besides, we understand the desire for a unique and flawless e-commerce website that will ensure your customers the very best experience, why not take a look at some of the websites we’ve designed recently. If you’re looking to get an idea on the cost of development you can take a look at DesignRush.

Our e-commerce web design & development team creates websites that have exceptional visuals, all tailored to your unique business. We’ll help you to boost your visitor count and sales revenue. We also offer cheap SEO Services (SEO) that provide actual results which will help raise your company rankings high for various search terms across Google. With these keywords, your brand will be more visible, directly resulting in higher conversion rates and an increase in sales.

Get in touch with your local web design company in Coventry, today and let us begin work on your e-commerce web design!

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