Why Are Images Good For SEO?

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SEO services and the importance it holds to all businesses today needs no introduction. The span of SEO is so widespread that sometimes even the most experienced marketer tends to overlook certain aspects of it.

Image SEO is highly important for online businesses, especially if you’re an e-commerce website. Do you ever wonder why your images never show up in Google’s image search? It is primarily because they are not properly optimised for search engines.

Images can be used tactically for ranking. Well thought out images can rank in high positions. Images can also rank in image search and lead to more visitors. Images can also help search engines understand what your content is about.

Don’t treat images as an afterthought. Images are content. All content should be carefully considered as part of an SEO strategy.

Visuals make the audience more involved in the text and they tend to remember information for a longer period of time. Using high-quality visuals in your content was, in the past, not that easy but things have changed.

Image SEO can be defined as the techniques used to reduce the size image size, using the right image attributes, filenames, dimensions, captions, alignment, etc to make a picture ready for the Internet.

Image SEO can help with the following:

Site Load Time:

Reducing the size of pictures is an important part of image SEO. How fast a web page will load is directly dependent upon the size of the images it has.

Higher Rank in Image Search:

Google photo search has already gained more popularity than ever before. Did you know more than 60% of people browsing through pictures on Google are likely to check and visit the source? Image SEO can really boost your ranking in Google’s image search. This, in turn, will bring in more traffic, especially if you are selling products online.

Positive User Experience:

SEO friendly images is known to positively impact the overall user experience. They engage the audience and better your site’s bounce rate.

If your content is good, coupled with all the relevant, high-quality and original pictures and you’re following the basic guidelines (above), everything will begin to fall into place.

Image SEO is a vital part of your overall SEO efforts and if you want to stand out from the competition, you should not ignore it. Image SEO might sound easy, but to do it perfectly you need to consider the tiniest of details. This can be a time-consuming process and often requires professional services.

So, whether you put your in-house team to do it or hire a professional like Bemunchie Online – Image SEO must be done! See our SEO services today and get an affordable SEO quote today!

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