9 Must Have Business Web Design Package Features

Responsive Web Design

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  1. One-off fixed cost
  2. Custom designed website service
  3. Fully responsive design to work on all devices
  4. Optimised to be search engine friendly
  5. Social media integrated
  6. Stock images
  7. Ability to add more pages after launch
  8. Private website training
  9. Ongoing Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance

 1. One-off fixed cost

There are more things frustrating than just spending one amount on your website, just to be paying a monthly fee, or getting surprised with hidden costs throughout the build process. The best way to avoid this would be to consider a website design company or web designer that will provide you a one-off fixed cost, don’t forget do not pay this upfront in full in one go as being in the industry we’ve seen many people lose their money and get a half-finished website or nothing in return! Having a one-off fixed cost website package allows you to get a better value for your money as well as not having to project an extra outgoing throughout the year each month.

 2. Custom Designed Website Service

Believe it or not, there are web design teams across the country and even the world that use a template for every website they build sometimes the same template. The result is your website could end up looking exactly like your competitors’ websites. Instead of settling for a template, make sure you ask for a custom built website to suit your business needs which is built without using a template, check out some of the websites’ we’ve design here.

 3. Full Responsive Website Design

If your customers are forced to resort to scrolling at all angles of the screen to see your website, they’re going to be annoyed and likely leave your site. A fully responsive design will get your site to automatically reconfigure its layout to match the screen to the device that’s being used to view it. This keeps your site looking good, reduces customer annoyance, and since we’re in 2020, Google will rank your website higher if it’s fully responsive as visitors will stay longer.

 4. Optimised For SEO

Search engine optimization (“SEO”) is key to a successful business. You need to show up in the search results, and to do that, your website must be designed so that search engines find it easier to navigate and understand. Your next business web design package features absolutely must include this attribute.

 5. Social Media Integration

A strong website is nothing unless you have a good social media presence to go along with it. Pointless spending money on a website and no one finds it or no one hears about it “socially”. The best websites are integrated with social media, making the transition from one to the other seamless in terms of content and experience this helps to allow people to share your website with others online.

 6. Free Stock Imagery


People, including your potential customers, are visual creatures. You need strong and colorful images across your website to engage them and draw their attention to the main points. Your web design package features must include the inclusion of good, relevant images that are meaning full, make sure you ask your web designer if they provide free stock images as part of the web design service.

 7. Ability To Add More Pages After Launch

You don’t want to pay your web designer to put together a website, then, later on, find that you have to pay more if you want to add pages. Worse yet would be finding out that adding pages is not even an option! It may sound silly however there are web design companies out there that don’t allow you to add pages additionally. Instead, find a web design company or web designer that uses a platform such as WordPress (this is what we use), making it a snap to add more pages in the future whenever needed.

 8. Private Website Training

A website that you can’t use is of little use to you. You will need the ability to add information and updates as necessary, what if you move to bigger premises but can’t update your address? Or what if you update your telephone lines and your website is showing the wrong telephone number? Or if, you’ve added new services but can’t get them on your website? Then it’s just pointless in having the website as it would be showing the wrong information to your customers. Make sure you’re using a website designer that offers training on how to use your new website. Here at Bemunchie, we provide many types of free training and support once the website is completed and live, get in touch with us to find out more.

 9. Ongoing Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance


Some web design companies will launch your website, shake your hand, and wish you luck. Then, down the road, if something happens, you’re on your own.

You should find a web design company that offers ongoing support to ensure your site stays up and running in the future. At Bemunchie Online, we offer future support to all of our customers.

In addition, we offer all of the above features as a matter of practice when we design and create a website design package for a client. If you have any questions about web design, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you and getting your business online!

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